10 Minute, Timed Writing 001

10 Minute, Timed Writing 001

Goal: To improve my writing skills by operating consistently under a time constraint

How: Practice twice a week. Wednesdays and Thursdays for 10 minutes. Spelling and grammatical errors and unfinished sentences will not be corrected.


Topic - Halloween


Halloween is weird in New York. I’m not sure if it’s the usual pee smell, or the relaxing amount of cross-dressing you catch in the subways, but there’s certainly an adjustment period.

One thing that I can’t adjust to? - (sorry, how do I end that without a preposition?)

I can’t adjust to mothers herding their children into “bodegas” to trick or treat.

For my Florida friends:
Hey, Louis! What’s a bodega?
Bodega (bo*day*gUH) - noun. A gas station that does not sell gas.

That is a bodega. And these utters on legs are going there for candy on Halloween.

This is something that I simply cannot tolerate.

I understand it, sure. Blocks are built with apartments. Some apartments have front doors.
You can’t expect a child to get access anybody inside. But, a bodega?

You have to think about how happy these kids are, Black Panthers adventuring all around, and realize…they know no other life.

They don’t knock on neighborhood doors, and sometimes accidently take tours through a house they don’t know.


They know how to wait, while mom grabs her Dr. Pepper, and say ignore the toothless men.



10 Minute, Timed Writing 002

10 Minute, Timed Writing 002

The Skill Scale

The Skill Scale