"Buddha's Brain" | A Boöring Book Club Review

"Buddha's Brain" | A Boöring Book Club Review

Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom

As discussed in this YouTube video - we will rank and review Buddha’s Brain as to offer you insight and value without reading the book yet!

First, we will rank the book based on three factors:

  1. Enjoyability

  2. Applicability

  3. Literary Value


Enjoyability (3*)

While this book is insightful and revolutionizing, it is built more in the direction of anatomy than self-help. I enjoyed the brain breakdowns, (with several visuals), especially the brain stem diagrams.

That being said, be prepared for a textbook-like experience. This is not a simple Saturday in the Park light reading. I find the contents fascinating, which might have saved the Enjoyability score from a (2*)…

Applicability (5*)

This book is a useful supplement for anatomy students, or as an introduction to meditation and inner-peace for the average joe like me. I will spare you the boring details…here is a list of people I believe will benefit the most from this book:

  1. Drug Addicts

  2. Workaholics

  3. Worry-Worms

  4. Managers

  5. Parents

  6. Community Leaders

  7. Quincy Jones

Literary Value (1*)

This book in no way shapes or influences literary style. As mentioned, it is built like a textbook and should be treated as such.

Top Three Lessons:

  1. Act On Your Impulse

  2. Visualize Bright Lights

  3. Visualize the Chain of Events

*for an in-depth explanation, check out my video here

Thank you for reading!

Louis J. DiPaolo Jr.

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