10 Minute, Timed Writing 006

10 Minute, Timed Writing 006

Timed Writing Practice 006


Goal: To sharpen our writing skills by operating under a time constraint, with a focus on sense imagery

How: Write for 10 minutes on a topic – hard stop.  Writing will remain unedited after the 10 minutes elapse

Topic: Say “Hi” to the ghost (Google, random suggestion)




“Hi, Ghost!”


Ha – I did it.  That’s it right?  That’s all we had to do, just say “hi” ?


Ok, so you’re a little gun shy…I understand.   I think people talk too much too.


What does the world look like through your eyes?

Are we just transparent?


It must be pretty cool, Ghost, to drift around the world without attachment.

Without a sense of concrete feet to keep you down.


You probably don’t mind temptation’s whispers, either?

Those same things that seem to govern us.  I wonder what that must be like.


Can you involve yourself as you please, Ghost?

You know, I understand that floating free must be freeing, but can you smell my mom’s lasagna on a fresh Thanksgiving Day?


That’s something that I wouldn’t like to live without, Ghost.

And what about love?  Do you belong to somebody, I hope?


Or are you the transparent one, leaving a skeleton of mist for others’ refreshment.


I wish I could see the world like you do, sometimes.

I just relearned about the Electromagnetic Spectrum – and guess what, you silly Ghost?


Our humanly eyes are incapable of seeing the whole picture.


How much do you think we see?  15%?

Too high for my hopes…I’m guessing around 3-5%.


Do you know what science says, Ghost?  As if their laws apply to you, at all – ha.


Science says we see an approximated 0.0036% of everything out there in our world.


Could you image hearing less than 1% of a song your entire life, and telling everybody how much you love or know or hate or ignore that song?


I wish I could see what you see, Ghost.

Maybe I’ll just close my eyes…




Louis J. DiPaolo Jr.

Extended Note:
Our aim here is pure practice. That is what we, The Smüth™, do. Please enjoy, and I hope you may take something from this - no matter how large or small.

Thank you for your time, because it is valuable.
And remember - Purpose, Persistence, and Practice is exactly what you need to build your skill set.

Stay Smüth™

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