10 Minute, Timed Writing 003

10 Minute, Timed Writing 003

Purpose: To improve my writing skill through timed practice

How: Write for 10 minutes, (sharp), with a focus on sensory imagery and storytelling direction.

Topic: What have you stolen? (randomly generated topic through WritingExercises UK)


What have I stolen? Too much, and not enough perhaps.

Let me explain. I received a fair compliment the other day as I had been sharing some of my musical creations.

“You are original,” I heard.

“You are such a great thief of such a wide-array of sources that I cannot accurately name your work” I processed.

As an artist, being called original has to sit right up there on a list of the best possible appraisals.

Specifically in music, we hear tunes all of the time that borrow chord progressions and melodies from ancient relics.

I still recall spending an entire day trying to prove to my mom that Train’s new hit single “50 Ways to Say Goodbye” was a complete re-packaging of that iconic Phantom of the Opera song. And after that, the list began to grew.

I think I will make a video one day on all of the famous songs that have ripped and re-packaged classic material as their own.

As an artist, I love the move.

I believe the pursuit of originality is nothing more than an endless ego-trip. Wikipedia says that music is estimated to be more than 3400 years old.

Why would you try to compete with that? What could you possibly create in your lifespan that is more valuable than 3400+ years of history and study?

When you want to be a power lifter, you don’t spend your time with yoga kids.

And when you want to be an elite musician, you don’t spend your time studying Hip-Hop, Rock, or even Funk…

You spend your time with the heavy lifters. Beethoven, Bach, Chopin and such.

And that’s what I plan to do.

Today, I learned that all music published before 1923 is fair game.
That means no royalties, no legal battles, no roadblocks.

Just an opportunity to steal from some of the greatest to ever do it - who stole from some of the greatest who ever did it.

I’ll take History in a battle over a 23 year-old Louis - and you better believe I am prepared to steal.

Looking at you, “Ragtime Cowboy Joe” …


Louis J. DiPaolo Jr.

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